Blog Guidelines

Our blog, Super Learners, is a great way for us to share our work and the fun we are having at school with our families, friends and relatives overseas.  It is also a fabulous way to learn about the world around us and make connections with other classrooms locally and globally.

For us to have a purposeful and safe blog we must remember the following guidelines:

Only use your first name when blogging; as your child’s mum or dad, for example, Mary’s Mum.

NEVER give any personal information about yourself or others on the blog e.g. where you live, phone number, e-mail etc.

Before comments are published to the blog, they are read and approved by the classroom teacher.

Remember our school rules when commenting;
Be Safe, Be Friendly, Be Respectful, Be a Listener

Be aware of copyright; Please do not copy and paste images into your comments from another source.

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