We have been working on 3D shapes. In order to prepare for a piece of art the children are practising drawing 3D shapes. Here are some Youtube clips to help them perfecting this skill. We have just completed a Place Value unit. There has been a lot of great learning that has happened. Students have been able to model 3-digit numbers using MAB. They have developed an understanding of standard form and expanded form (234 = 200 + 30 + 4). They have used arrow cards to demonstrate that each digit holds a value – especially the internal zero (307 = 3 hundreds, 0 tens and 7 ones). There is one thing that has been tricky for many of the students in Year 2 – counting & writing the next numbers in a sequence, when the numbers are three digits and have to bridge over ten or into the next hundred. For example, when writing the numbers that come next in a sequence such as 126, 127, 128… many students recorded 129, 200, 300, 400 as the next 4 numbers in the sequence. We have been engaged in many fun learning tasks giving us a clear understanding of place value.
We have been hard at work learning all about numbers.

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